Thursday, 27 March 2008

What do you dream about when you dream? Not sleep-dreaming, but those rare moments of idleness on buses or in bed or reading but not really reading a book or just standing in the street doing nothing? What do you dream about when you dream about being happy?

I often dream of change. I dream of things being as they are now, only a little better, a little brighter. I dream of living somewhere new.

At the moment I am dreaming about Rio De Janeiro. If I lived there, I think, things would be different. If I lived there I would make new friends and we would talk about intellectual things. If I lived there I would go and watch Flamengo at the Maracana, or Vasco in Sao Januario. If I lived there I would rent an apartment in Santa Teresa and every morning I would stand and drink coffee and look down at the city and the sea. If I lived there I would meet a girl who would be a composite of all the girls I have ever dreamt of (its possible this may be neither an admirable nor a psychologically healthy trait), and we would marry and we would raise a family.

Only I have tried it before, dreaming like this. When I lived in Belfast I dreamt of Manchester. When I lived in Manchester I dreamt of London. When I lived in Belo Horizonte I dreamt of Joao Pessoa. When I lived in Joao Pessoa I dreamt of Recife. And now I am dreaming again.

I don’t know why. For Recife is like a firework display – just when you think you’ve seen everything there is to see, something new comes along to make you go ooh! and aah!

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